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Name:la Fée Verte
Birthdate:Oct 29
They call her La Feé Verte, the Green Faerie. Vert, for short. She can be found in any place where absinthe has ever been served, or where absinthe might need to be served. She is the spirit of wormwood, inspiration and sometimes, madness. All humans who spend any time in her presence feel mildly intoxicated. She was created for roleplaying at [community profile] milliways_bar. This journal is for role-playing purposes only. No infringement on existing copyrights is intended and no profit is being made.
Vert is the green faerie of absinthe fame. She is a muse of sorts, bound to all places where absinthe has ever been served and where absinthe quite possibly needs to be served. She is a creature of shadows and myth. Belief has given her form.

She is drawn to artists and poets, writers and philosophers, mathematicians and quantum physicists, musicians and sculptors, anyone who can lift a glass to their lips and ask for inspiration.

She has an otherworldly beauty to her, and like the wild fae of old, she moves in an alien fashion, as if she has extra joints or is moving through a medium like water, not air. Her standard speaking voice has a mild Parisian accent, but she also uses a New Orleans accent. She is quite capable of adapting to the speech patterns of whoever she is conversing with. Hers is the language of the drink. Her physical form is non-corporeal, and though she prefers the form of a woman, she is only limited by the imagination of those who care to drink with her.

The air reacts to her presence, and licks of green fire and mist often surround her. Bottled absinthe will often fluoresce in her presence, as will absinthe in the glass.

Humans and other races who are susceptible to alcohol will often feel light-headed or mildly high after just a few minutes in Vert's company. Inhibitions are lowered, stress dissolves, everything seems to be limned in a delicate pale green light, like moonlight.

There is always the possibility of temporary madness when spending too much time in her company. If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back. This madness will fade with sleep, or with the application of any anti-intoxicant.

Vert thrives on social interaction, but she is actually very coy when talking about herself. She prefers to help others through whatever difficulties they are facing, and to use her gift to open the gates to wisdom and insight.

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